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SAGERA began in 1997 as specialist in developing user centric interfaces to new and existing systems and programs. Although our background is developing systems for Fortune 100 companies, our target customer is usually in the small to medium size range. We provide small to medium sized businesses customized, secure, net-enabled software applications as well as network configuration and administration services.

We know that most small to medium businesses donít have the financial wherewithal to support an out and out custom software application development program. We also know that the same small to medium sized companies have information needs that currently are not being addressed. SAGERA can bridge that gap.

SAGERA comes and works with the business to find what they need in updating their systems. In doing so, we are able to provide manageable interfaces to be used in navigating the back end systems successfully; customized for each business.

When we work with the customer, we:
  • let them know what is possible
  • help them dream a bit
  • develop a plan that is feasible and affordable
  • build or help them build it
  • support them once the plan has been implemented
In addition to our customized applications, we build and host websites, create custom interfaces and programs for companies. Our clients range from car racing facilities to medical insurance companies, from hair cutting salons to auto body shops. It doesnít matter what type of business a company is, we can provide what they need.
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