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How do I use multiple databases?
Where can I find the manual for FinderWare?
How do I use the new feature "Share with a Friend?"
What is an ISBN?
What if the book I want to enter does not have an ISBN?
What is the LOC?
How do I add a new Genre?
I have a list of my books by ISBN, how can I import that into FinderWare?
How do I enter a book into FinderWare?
How do I search My Library?
How does FinderWare find all the information about my books?
What if I have more than one computer and I want FinderWare on each? Do I have to buy a copy for each machine?
What is the update price and how do I know when an update for FinderWare is released?
When updates come out for FinderWare, who gets them?
How do I print in FinderWare?
How do I delete a book from My Library?
How can I use FinderWare for tracking lent books?
How do I sort My Library?

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