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Q.  How do I use multiple databases?

A.  Multiple Databases will enable you to have two or more libraries in the FinderWare program. Using Multiple Databases will allow you to keep your different libraries (e.g. professional, home, organization, etc.) completely separate from one another.

To create a new database, click on File from the taskbar and then click on New. A new window will open asking where to save and what to name the new database. We recommend that you use the default settings when creating the new database. We also recommend that you give the new database a distinct name to make it easier for you to differentiate between databases. Once you have named the new database, click on the Open Button. FinderWare will automatically begin using that database.

To open an existing database, click on File from the taskbar and then click on Open. A new window will open asking you to pick a file. If you are choosing a file that is not the default FinderWare database, you will need to open the folder your database is in (it will have the same name as the database you created) and then open the database from that folder.

You can also open a database by clicking on File from the taskbar and then clicking on Recent. A list of your most recently viewed databases will be there. Choose one by clicking on it.

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