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Q.  When updates come out for FinderWare, who gets them?

A.  Updates are available for customers who have purchased FinderWare. They can click on any of the Update links throughout the FinderWare site to install the update. For those who are running the Free Trial, they will have to uninstall the trial and then install the new version.

NOTE:  If you don't want to lose the books you have already entered into FinderWare, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Save the finderWare-Books.fwb file somewhere on your hard drive. The file is located in the following directory:
           C:\Program Files\sagera\FinderWare For Books
  2. Uninstall the FinderWare Software
    • Go to the Control Panel select Add or Remove Programs
    • Select Change or Remove Programs from the icons on the left
    • From Currently installed program select, FinderWare for Books
  3. Download the new version of the Trial
  4. Install the new version
  5. Replace the new finderWare-Books.fwb with the finderWare-Books.fwb you saved on your hard drive
    • Open the new FinderWare folder
          C:\Program Files\sagera\FinderWare For Books
    • Locate your saved file
    • Click on the saved file and drag it to the open FinderWare folder
    • A pop-up will appear saying: This folder already contains a file named 'finderWare-Books.fwb'. Would you like to replace the existing file...with this one?
    • Click on the Yes button

Your original database will now be in FinderWare.

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