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Q.  How can I use FinderWare for tracking lent books?

A.  From My Library, double click on a book. The first screen that you will see is the Basic screen. There are two fields called "Status" and "By." The "Status" field indicates whether or not a book has been loaned/checked out. The "By" field indicates who has that book.

You can enter a person's name directly into the field, or you can enter all of the person's information by going to Edit People under Administration from the list on the left side of the screen. When you click on Edit Person, a screen will come up that has fields for: the person's name, phone number, address, email address, etc. There will also be a list with all the people you have entered into the program. To view all the information on one person, click on their name from that field.

You can see the time and date of when a book was checked in or out by double-clicking on the book from My Library. Click on the History tab towards the top of the screen. Any changes you have made to that book will be logged there.

At this time, FinderWare does not have a designated category for when a book is due back. However, you could create a Custom Field called "Due By" and then for the content put the date for when the book is due. You can add Custom Field by going to Edit Custom Fields under Administration from the list of the left side of the screen. To get to the Custom Field section, double click on a book from My Library and then click on the Custom Fields tab towards the top of the screen.

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