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Q.  How do I enter a book into FinderWare?

A.  To enter a book into FinderWare, go to the Enter Book section. From here there are multiple ways of entering a book. The easiest is to use the ISBN. Type in the ISBN and then click on the Find button. The software will search for your book and bring all the information it finds. The second way to enter a book is to search for it using title, author, and/or the publisher. Enter the desired information and then click on the Find button. FinderWare will come back with a list of possible matches. Click on the best match and the software will bring back the information for that book. The final way is to enter a book by hand. Type in all the book's information in the bottom section of the Enter Book screen. Once you have finished entering a book (by any method), click on the Save Book button at the bottom of the screen. The book will be saved to your database.

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