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Using Share with a Friend is the easiest way to share your library with other people. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to use this new feature. First, you need to be running FinderWare version 2.0 or later. If you have an earlier version you will need to upgrade to version 2.0 or later update.

To Send Your Library Using Share with a Friend
  1. Open FinderWare and make sure that you are connected to the Internet
  2. In FinderWare, go to My Library
  3. Choose the books you want to share

  4. NOTE: You can share your entire list of books or any portion of that list. Any books that are showing in My Library will be "shared" when you click on Share with a Friend.
    1. Narrow your list by using the Search feature (for more information, see How do I use Search in the FinderWare Tips section of this website)

    2. OR
    3. Narrow your list by right clicking on a book or multiple books (use the shift or control keys to highlight multiple books) and choosing "Remove Book from List"
  5. Once the books are showing that you would like to share, click on Share with a Friend from the menu on the left side of the screen
  6. An email will come up with a friendfile attached enter the email address for the friend with whom you are sharing your list
  7. Click on the Send button of the email

Receiving a Share with a Friend List
  1. You will get an email with an attachment called friendfile
  2. Open the friendfile from the email
  3. You may get a pop-up asking if you want to Open the file or Save it choose Open
  4. If FinderWare does not automatically open the friendfile, you will have to choose which application you want to open the file choose FinderWare for Books

NOTE: You may have to Browse and find FinderWare for Books on your hard drive. If you chose the default location when installing FinderWare, it will be in C://Program Files/sagera/FinderWare for Books.

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