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The FinderWare Tips are answers and step-by-step instructions to some of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the FinderWare program. The tips can be found in the monthly NEWSLETTERS. They are included on the FinderWare website to better serve customers. The tips range from deleting books to searching for books in My Library


The easiest way to search for books is to use the Search feature near the top of the screen in the FinderWare program. Type in your criteria (this could be a title, author, keyword, genre, ISBN, etc.) and click on the Search button to the right of the field. A book or a list of books will come up in My Library. If your results list is too long you can narrow your search. In the Search field, type in another piece of criteria and click on the Search button. This will search through the books that you have in My Library from your last search. To begin a new search, click on the Clear Criteria button and begin a new search.


Yes. Importing a list of ISBN's is one of the quickest ways of adding to My Library. FinderWare will import your list of ISBN’s from a “csv” file. You can do this from most applications by going to “Save As” and choosing “csv” as the format type. Your other option is to type your ISBN’s in Notepad with an ISBN per line so your list will look like this:


Once your list is complete, you can save it as a “csv” or “txt” file, open the FinderWare program. Make sure you are connected to the Internet so FinderWare can retrieve the information on your books. Click on “Import from a List” from the Administration menu on the left hand side of the program or under the File menu. Using the Open File dialog box, navigate to the location you saved your file and select the file of your saved ISBN’s. FinderWare will then retrieve information on your books and populate your database. Once FinderWare is finished, the word “Ready” will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Deleting books from My Library is a feature that many people like. If you get rid of a book or just no longer want that book in My Library, you don’t have to keep it in your database.
To delete a book: right click on it then click on Delete Selected Books from the drop down menu.
There are two ways to delete more than one book at a time:

  1. If the books are located next to each other, click on the first book and then click on the last book while holding down the shift key. All the books between the first and last book selected will become highlighted. Right click anywhere in the highlighted section and select Delete Selected Books from the drop down menu.
  2. OR
  3. If the books are not located next to each other, click on the first book and then click on the next book while holding down the control key. Both books will become highlighted. Continue this process (clicking on a book while holding down the control key) until all the books you want to delete are highlighted. Right click on any one of the highlighted books and select Delete Selected Books from the drop down menu.


The best way to go about printing reports is to print from My Library. To print the information you want, you will need to select the criteria for your report. Go to Edit Column View under Administration. From this section, you can select columns for My Library and in what order you want them. Select the columns by checking the boxes to the left of each criterion. Put the columns in order by highlighting one and then using the up and down arrow buttons to the right of the list. After you select your columns and put them in order, go back to My Library. You can print your entire library or do a search for a genre/keyword/author/etc. and print that list of books. Highlight the books you want printed (click on one and then hold down the shift key as you click on the last book to highlight a section or hold down the control key to select multiple individual books). Click on the File tab at the top of the screen then click on Print from the drop down menu.

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